14 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Family

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Easy Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day Fun for your Family

Valentine’s Day is February 14th every year, and it is a special day to show your love and affection to family and friends.

Are you looking for ways to make Valentine’s Day Special for the whole family? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Read on for easy and thoughtful ideas to celebrate with your family this year!


1. Make and Decorate Valentine’s Day Cookies

Most kids love to bake and decorate cookies. Grab your favorite shaped cookie dough recipe or mix, use some cookie cutters to make heart shapes, and then decorate with frosting, candy, and/or sprinkles.

It is a fun activity they get to do with you, and there is a delicious treat at the end of this fun project.

You could keep them all for yourselves, or wrap a few packages of them to give to family and friends as gifts.

2. Put a Cute Valentine’s Day Love Note in Lunches


I always write a little note to put in my daughter’s lunch or snacks she brings to school each day. She looks forward to seeing them at lunchtime. It’s just one way to make her day a little brighter.

We can do this for Valentine’s Day as well. Here are a few ideas of what to write on a lunch box Valentines Day note for your kids:

  • You are Loved
  • I Love You to the Moon and Back
  • You are My Favorite Valentine
  • You Make Me Smile
  • You are My Sunshine
  • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You are Sweet, and I Love You

3. Wear Pink or Red

The classic colors for Valentine’s Day are Pink and Red. Get festive by wearing your favorite pink or red item of clothing.

You can dress the kids in Valentine’s Day themed clothes and/or accessories to make it fun for them too!

4. Decorate Your Home

Adding some Valentine’s Day decorations to your home will make it more festive. Here are some of our favorite decorations to add.

💘Make decorations with your kids to hang like paper hearts or sun catchers.

💘Stick Valentine’s Themed window clings to windows or mirrors.

💘Put a Valentine’s Day Flag in your yard.

5. Light Candles at Dinner Time

Holiday Flickering Flameless Candle
Holiday Flickering Flameless Candles

This is a great way to add a little special ambience to the dinner table. You could even go a step further and use Valentine’s Themed Placemats, Dishes, or a tablecloth to be extra festive.

6. Pick a Romantic Movie to Watch

So, maybe you don’t want to watch a romantic movie with the kids, but this could be something fun to do once they are in bed. Need some inspiration to choose? No problem, here is a list of 50 romantic movies you can watch from the comfort of home this year.

7. Look Through Photos or Videos with your Family

When was the last time you looked through your wedding album, your kids baby book, or any other photos that are special to your family?

I can’t even remember the last time we looked through photos together. This is a great way to reminisce about the times you have had together, and share stories about the pictures you will find there.

8. Make Morning Fun

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Most of us are rushing around getting ready to head to school and work in the morning, but we can still add some easy special touches to start the day off right.

💘Make Heart Shaped Pancakes.

💘Use Window Paint to Add a Special Valentine’s Message to the Bathroom Mirror.

💘Let Your Kids Open a Small Gift from You

💘Be Sure to say “I Love You” to everyone as you head out for the day.

9. Acts of Kindness

Do some small acts of kindness throughout the day. Although they may seem insignificant to you, they have the power to brighten someone’s day and make the world a better place.

💘Open and/or hold the door for someone.

💘Paint rock with pretty designs and a positive message, and place them in parks, on trails, etc. for people to see.

💘Write out small note cards with inspirational or motivational quotes, and leave them in random places around town. Once we were at a park and someone had placed cards with positive messages on playground equipment and in the cracks of the tree bark. It was a nice surprise!

💘Call or text a friend or family member to let them know you are thinking of them.

💘Mail a Valentine’s Day Card to someone special.

💘Donate outgrown clothes.

💘 Check this out for 100 Acts of Kindness for Kids.

10. Make Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Get creative with your kids and have some fun making homemade Valentine’s Day cards for parents, grandparents, or anyone else special. Pull out the construction paper, markers, crayons, glue sticks, glitter, stickers, and anything else you want to make these special cards.

11. Give Your Kids a Valentine’s Day Gift

Include your kids in the fun by giving them something special for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

💘A Favorite Treat

💘An experience to do together like visiting the zoo, going to the movies, or going to the park.

💘A small toy or craft they would enjoy.

12. Tell the Story of The History of Valentine’s Day

Do you know where Valentine’s Day comes from? Chances are your kids will ask you this question, and to be honest I had no idea before writing this. So, here is the answer.

There are many theories about where it came from, but one of the most popular occurred in Rome in the Year 268. Emperor Claudius II wanted strong, fearless young men to be his soldiers to fight battles and wars.

He determined young men who had wives and children were more cautious and therefore were not as good of soldiers. So he outlawed marriage for these strong young men to make sure he would have the best soldiers.

A priest named Valentine did not agree with this law, and continued to perform marriage ceremonies in secret. Eventually, his actions were discovered and word was sent back to Emperor Claudius II.

The priest Valentine was found and sentenced to death for his actions. Hundreds of years later the Catholic church made Valentine a Saint. Here is a great article to read about the History of Valentine’s day.

13. Valentine’s Day Game Night

Family Game nights are such a fun way to bond. For Valentine’s Day you could have a family game night, and include a couple of valentine’s day themed games to mark the occasion. Here are some ideas for valentine’s day games you can play with the kids.

14. Candy Dish with Special Valentine’s Day Themed Candy

One of the things I remember from my childhood is a candy dish filled with holiday themed candy being put out at the holidays. Valentine’s Day was no exception. The dish was likely to have Hershey Kisses with Valentine’s Color Wrappers, Cinnamon Hearts, and other treats. It is a small tradition, but one your kids are sure to enjoy and remember.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has grown through the years from a romantic holiday to a time we also celebrate our love for family and friends. It is a good way to remind each other we care and enjoy time together. I hope you found some ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day at home or away this year, and some new traditions will be made for your family. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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