How to Reduce Holiday Stress

reduce stress during holidays; Christmas Planning

Can I tell you a secret? I love the holidays, but there have been some years where they drove me crazy! There were days when I myself needed some tips to reduce holiday stress. I’ll bet all of you can relate to being pulled in too many directions with way too much to do!

I was always worried about how I would get it all done, stay productive at work, and please everyone (and you can’t please everyone, as I learned). This did not put me in the holiday spirit, and caused a lot of stress and anxiety.

I will let you in on another secret . . .there are ways to make all these extra things manageable, and help you keep your sanity! These are things I have implemented to reduce holiday stress, and they really helped me. I found myself feeling less frazzled and actually having fun!

I hope they can help you too! Let’s dive in!

Plan Ahead

Create a Battle Plan to Defeat Holiday Stress

plan to reduce holiday stress

So, this one is a must for all the worriers and procrastinators. If you go into your holidays with a battle plan, you now have the power to create a realistic schedule for yourself.

The plan will help you to break up all these tasks into small manageable chunks, avoid running around at the last minute, and breeze through this like a boss!

It will also quiet those racing thoughts of all the things you need to do because you know they will get done, and when.

So, create your plan of attack and then go for it! You got this!

It’s OK to Say NO

This is a Tough One

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Sometimes, we all have to learn to say “No”. There are so many holiday gatherings. Not to mention helping the people in our lives with planning, holiday tasks, cooking, etc. . Extra favors are always part of this season, and of course we want to help, but . . .

The truth is, you are one person with only so much time. There are only so many hours in a day, and you need to eat, sleep, exercise and get your to do list done sometime too!

After all, if you don’t take the time to take care of yourself, you won’t be much help to anyone else.

Finally, be selective on which gatherings you will attend. Accept the most important invites, and carefully consider any others you get. This will keep you from over committing your time, and help avoid burnout .


How much can you take from the piggy bank?

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The holidays will put a strain on your wallet.

I like to handle this by writing a list of everyone I need to buy gifts for, and having a set amount I can spend on each person.

I also like to put a couple of gift ideas next to each name before I go shopping, either in store or online. That way, the gifts are thoughtful and I am not buying on impulse.

You should also keep in mind other expenses when planning your budget. Are you hosting anything at your home? Do you need to bring a dish to a gathering? Are you travelling? Some of this stuff can sneak up on you when you don’t think ahead.

Your Support System

Who can help you get stuff done, or just listen to you vent!

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Another thing you can do is ask your family to help you with the seemingly never ending list of things to do. You should not have to do everything yourself!

Ask them to help you decorate the Christmas Tree, split the list of people to buy gifts for to make it go faster, etc. You get the idea!

Also remember to breathe, and that you can vent to friends and family if you need to talk 🙂 They might need to vent some things too, and this will help you feel connected to others and not the only one feeling scattered (and maybe a little crazy). The struggle is real!


Take time to get centered!

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I know my mind gets filled with racing thoughts of all the things I need to do, and all the gatherings I need to attend. How will I find time for everything? Ahhhhh!

This is when it is so important to take a few minutes to re-center, and do your best to be in the moment. Not in the future, not in the past, just be in the present and calm those thoughts down.

Remind yourself that you made a plan, and even though it probably won’t be perfect, that’s okay! You are doing your best, and deserve to be happy and take it all in.


Getting Enough Sleep

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This is also a tough one. There is so much to do, but if you don’t get the sleep you need then you won’t be at your best.

It is important to get your rest so you are energized, healthy, and ready to take on the day!

I completely understand how hard it can be when you have a lot on your mind.

So, Try these suggestions to help you get a good night sleep.

Eat Well & Stay Hydrated

Don’t Neglect Yourself

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Eating well is so important to stay healthy and feel your best. It is also important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

I understand it is not easy this time of year, and struggle with this one myself.

The busy schedules could have you skipping meals in favor of running errands (not good). The stress of it all could also make you want to overindulge in those goodies (also not good). Those delicious Christmas Cookies have calories, even though we all wish they didn’t.

Here are some tips to help you stay on track this holiday season.

Take Time for Yourself

Self Care is not Selfish

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If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to effectively take care of anyone or anything else.

It is important to take a small amount of time to do something you enjoy each day. This will help you to unwind, and clear your mind so you can be focused the next day.

I like to watch a funny movie or TV show, read a book, or color in an adult coloring book (Yes, I said it. Coloring for adults is good for you too. )

You could also play a sport, hang out with some friends, or anything else you enjoy!

You Got This!

Everything will be ok!

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Holidays are a hectic time of the year, and there is no doubt about that! I hope you will try some of the ideas here, and that they help you keep that holiday stress level in check!

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Do you have any tips for surviving the holidays? Did you try something from this article that worked for you? Please feel free to comment below. I love to hear from you!

reduce stress during holidays; Christmas Planning
Holiday Stress Reduction; Christmas Planning;

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