Babysitter Information Sheet (Free Printable)


Free Printable Babysitting Info Sheet – Give Your Kid’s Babysitter What They Need to Know While You Are Away

There are many reasons you might hire a babysitter to stay with your children in your home, and you should have a babysitter information sheet filled out with everything they need to know.

Maybe it is while you are away at work, having a date night with your significant other, running errands, or simply taking some time for yourself.

And, you probably have the perfect babysitter already picked out. Someone you trust to look after your children while you are away. This could be a family member, friend, or the teenager next door.

No matter who it is, this person will need to have some basic information readily available to do the best possible job while you are away.

This is where a Babysitter Information Sheet comes in handy. It will give pertinent info such as bedtimes, routines, and emergency contact information.

What Information is on a Babysitter’s Information Sheet?

Here is the basic information that should be on the babysitter’s info sheet:

  1. Where You Will Be At and Phone Number of the Location – I know we all have mobile phones these days so this may seem old fashioned. Unfortunately mobile phones can have the battery die or be lost while you are out. A number where the sitter can reach you will be necessary if you cannot be reached on your cell phone.
  2. What Time You Will Be Home
  3. Your Mobile Phone Number – This is generally the first number the babysitter will text or call if they need to reach you.
  4. Home Address – Even though the babysitter knows where you live, he or she probably doesn’t have your home address memorized. They will need it if they have to call the Fire Department, Police, or 911 in an emergency.
  5. Emergency Contact Numbers – Poison Control, Police Non-Emergency, Neighbors or Family
  6. Foods -This seems self explanatory, but here are a few things to keep in mind:
    • Leave a List of Foods Your Child Can and Cannot Have.
    • Note any food allergies.
    • Special Preparation Instructions such as how to prepare formula, or to cut grapes in half because they are a choking hazard.
    • If they call any foods by something other than their proper name (example: My daughter used to call Oreo Cookies “Daddy Cookies” when she was 2 Years Old because daddy liked to eat them too. I actually had that on my babysitter info sheet so they would know what she meant 😂)
  7. Routines – Such as Meal / Snack Times, Nap Times, Bedtimes, and how to do them.
    • Let them know if there is a certain way you hold the baby to get it to sleep.
    • If your child won’t go to bed until he or she has a snack, milk, favorite show, and then you read 3 books.
    • Or even if your child will go down for a nap but then sing every song they know before falling asleep.
    • You get the idea! Little ones can be very picky about their routines so this will make things way easier for the sitter.
  8. Activities – Help the babysitter keep your child entertained by noting a few things he or she likes to do.
  9. Medication(s) – Leave instructions for any medication they need to give your child if applicable.
  10. Rules – Any special rules for the kids.

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Babysitter Information Sheet Download

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I hope you find this printable helpful to give your babysitter everything they need to know in one page. Be sure to post it in a convenient location where they can easily see it.

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