45+ Fun Kids Activities to do at Home

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Are you at home and need to keep the kids entertained?

Do you find yourself stuck in the house, and need some Fun Kids Activities to do at Home? Are you struggling to try to come up with ideas to keep them occupied? Tired of hearing “I’m Bored” and “There’s nothing to do”?

I understand where you are because I am in that position at the moment. We have been home for a couple of weeks due to circumstances beyond our control. I feel this is very challenging as an adult, and it is even more so with a little one who misses her friends, school, etc.

I am doing my best to keep both of us on a normal schedule, and finding things to do to keep our spirits up and pass the time. This has led to a lot of nostalgia about things I did for fun when I was a kid. I am also inspired to search the internet and books around the house for ideas.

Today, I am sharing a huge list of fun kids activities to do at home, just for you. It is packed full of awesome, simple things that kids of all ages will love. Ready to Play? Let’s have some fun!

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45 Fun Things to Do with the Kids



These ideas are some of our family favorites, and I know you will find something to become one of your favorites too.

Do the activities the classic way, or spice them up by putting your own twist on them. For example, you could do a coloring challenge where you have to close your eyes and get to pick only 3 colors of crayons to use for your picture. Or, try playing one of the many variations of tag (freeze tag, classic tag, etc.). The possibilities are endless.

So, dust the cobwebs off your imagination if you haven’t used it in a while. Most importantly, remember to have fun!

  1. Build a Fort out of blankets or a large cardboard box.
  2. Color or paint together.
  3. Play Games.
  4. Set up a Pretend Store, and take turns playing cashier and customer.
  5. Play School – The students could be you, dolls, stuffed animals, etc.
  6. Draw outside with sidewalk chalk.
  7. Play Hopscotch.
  8. Set up a pretend restaurant, and take turns playing different roles! Server, Cook, and Customer.
  9. Have an indoor picnic. Lay a blanket on the floor, and either eat a real meal / snack there, or use play food.
  10. Bake cookies or cupcakes, and decorate them.
  11. Play with Playdough or Kinetic Sand.
  12. Put together a puzzle.
  13. Have a movie night, complete with popcorn and/or other favorite treats, turn down the lights, and enjoy watching together.
  14. Tell each other jokes.
  15. Explore the backyard and look for pine cones, rocks or even critters.
  16. Blow Bubbles.
  17. Play soccer or catch.
  18. Catch fireflies.
  19. Play tag.
  20. Have a race to see who can run the fastest!
  21. Play Hide and Seek.
  22. Play Simon Says.
  23. Build something with Legos.
  24. Have a scavenger hunt.
  25. Turn on some fun music and have a dance party!
  26. Read some books.
  27. Line Up Dominoes and then tap the first one and watch them fall.
  28. Blow up balloons and bounce them back and forth.
  29. Play House.
  30. Get out the Action Figures, Barbies, Shopkins . . .or any other toy characters and make up stories using them.
  31. Make Slime.
  32. Go outside and look for shapes in the clouds.
  33. Go outside and look for constellations, the moon and planets if it is a clear night.
  34. Have a race with toy cars. Race them on the floor or table, or even get creative and build a track for the cars!
  35. See who can get a Slinky to walk down the most steps.
  36. Do a Craft with Construction Paper, Toilet Paper Rolls, or any other household items. Be creative!
  37. Play Tic Tac Toe.
  38. Do a Word Search or Connect the Dots.
  39. Make up a fun challenge and see who can win. Such as who can bounce a ball higher, make a better paper airplane, etc.
  40. Make cup phones – punch a hole in the bottom of 2 plastic cups, and then connect the cups with a single piece of string by knotting it through the holes you punched.
  41. Play Charades.
  42. Play 20 Questions or I Spy
  43. Make puppets and have a puppet show.
  44. Do the Hokey Pokey, the Chicken Dance, or other silly dances.
  45. Use a timer and see who can hula hoop the longest.
  46. Make a Time Capsule

There you have it. 45+ ideas to have some good old fashioned fun with your kids, and give you a reprieve from hearing those dreaded words “I’m Bored” or “There is nothing to do”.

You can use the items you already have for most of these activities, or treat yourselves to some new toys, games, or puzzles.

Now You Have Ideas for Fun Kids Activities to do at Home – Time to Play!


I know you will have a great time trying some of these fun kids activities to do at home! I bet many of them will bring you right back to your childhood, and you will have a chance to share those experiences with your kiddos. This is the perfect opportunity to create memories with your kids that will last a lifetime!

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